Is your nonprofit ready to start Fundraising with Artificial Intelligence?

Check this list to assess your readiness for fundraising with AI

It’s still early days for Artificial Intelligence-powered nonprofit fundraising. Like all new technology tools and strategies, it will take some time before AI is a common tool used by nonprofit fundraisers.

Here are a few things you can keep in mind to assess your nonprofit’s AI readiness.

  • Your fundraising team is open to innovation and ready to re-examine some of its current fundraising practices.
  • Aim to start small by identifying a single campaign or program that has a potential for improved results/ROI with a boost of donor data insight (i.e. more precise targeting, improved appeal timing, better value alignment).
  • You don’t need a large IT team or advanced database/CRM. You can begin using AI-powered data intelligence through a service or agency that can get you started with a single data export from your database.
  • It’s not necessary to ‘fix your database’ first. Instead, use the opportunity of working with AI systems to help identify the top priorities for data cleaning as you move forward.
  • Start building data skills in your staff. Consider adding additional data analyst or data scientist roles to your team.
  • Be prepared for a medium-term learning commitment, and expect a few bumps in the road. AI data systems typically take some time to train on your data, and it may take several cycles before you start seeing significant results.

If you’re ready to get started, check this directory of AI-powered fundraising platforms and services that are already breaking ground in this innovative field.



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