There’s an AI Fundraising App for That

Evaluate your fundraising appeals, and other custom AI Apps for nonprofits

OpenAI recently released a new storefront for ChatGPT developers to share customized, purpose-built chatbots for specific tasks. These GPTs offer a change from the familiar experience of using ChatGPT as a general purpose tool for any inquiry or request. These custom GPTs are pre-configured to be AI assistants for individual tasks, like booking travel, recommending purchases, or even nonprofit fundraising.

You can browse the GPT Store here – but you need to be a ChatGPT Plus subscriber ($20/month).

The GPT store already offers a collection of AI assistants ready to support fundraising tasks – including evaluation, strategy, and advice. It’s not going to be the most highly-trafficked area of the GPT store, but the kinds of AI assistants already listed offer hints at future directions of AI tools for fundraisers.

I’ll also take the opportunity to highlight my own custom GPT, available now in the GPT store:

Nonprofit Fundraising Evaluator

It will review and score your fundraising appeal texts, reporting on strengths, areas for improvement, and DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) alignment. To start: identify the type of fundraising appeal, then paste in your appeal text or upload a text file. If you want a detailed scoring, include the phrase “Provide a score”.

– Works with email fundraising appeals and facebook posts
– you can upload a screen shot of your appeal and it will include a visual analysis (or you can include a written image description)



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