Practical AI for Nonprofits

Empower your nonprofit organization to harness the potential of artificial intelligence seamlessly and effectively. Our suite of services is designed to facilitate your entry into the world of AI, enhance your team’s capabilities, and fully integrate AI tools into your systems to drive efficiency and innovation.

1. Getting Started with AI/ChatGPT

Embark on your AI journey with our “Getting Started with AI/ChatGPT” program. This service is ideal for nonprofits looking to explore AI capabilities without the long-term commitment. Over 1-3 months, our experts provide education, strategic planning, assessments, and technical assistance to kickstart your AI adoption. We’ll guide you through the initial steps and set a solid foundation for your AI strategy.

2. Training Workshops

“Practical AI for Nonprofits” workshops are individual or team training sessions designed to orient nonprofit staff with ChatGPT and AI technologies. Participants will learn how to effectively work with AI prompts and develop strategies to build an AI-inclusive learning environment within your team. Equip your staff with the knowledge to leverage AI for greater impact.

3. AI Technical Support

Ensure your AI adoption path aligns with your organizational needs with our AI Technical Support services. We offer comprehensive assessments and alignment of AI tools with your internal systems, data audits, and seamless integration services. Enhance your customer relationship management with AI-driven chatbots for platforms like Salesforce and Blackbaud, tailored to your specific requirements.

4. Custom AI Tools

Boost your nonprofit’s productivity with custom AI tool development services. From bespoke ChatGPT-based applications to scalable, AI-powered systems integrated within your operational framework, our solutions are crafted to meet your unique challenges and amplify your impact.

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