Harnessing Artificial Intelligence for Nonprofit and Charity Fundraising

AI isn’t just for tech giants. Find out how nonprofits and charities can use powerful AI tools to boost fundraising results.

* NEW * Personal & interactive 30-minute video chat to explore using ChatGPT and AI for your fundraising job role and tasks. > Learn More

Get Started with AI for Charities and Nonprofits

AI Readiness Assessment

Unleash your nonprofit’s impact with an AI Readiness Plan and ensure your organization is ready to maximize the potential of AI. > More

AI Kickoff for Fundraising Teams

This interactive workshop dives into the transformative power of Generative AI tools like ChatGPT, and how they can supercharge your fundraising team’s impact. > More

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Are you ready to start Fundraising with AI?

Getting started with AI in fundraising doesn’t need to be intimidating. The first step is understanding your objectives and identifying the areas where AI can make a difference.

Are you looking to enhance donor targeting, improve communication strategies, or predict fundraising trends?

I’ll work with you to identify the best opportunities to get started with AI, from analyzing donor data and predicting giving patterns, to using natural language processing to personalize donor communications.

From my extensive background in fundraising strategy and innovation, I can help craft an AI strategy that makes sense, and helps your organization get up to speed.

Let’s work together to harness AI’s transformative power for your cause.