Harnessing Artificial Intelligence for Nonprofit and Charity Fundraising

AI isn’t just for tech giants. Find out how nonprofits and charities can use powerful AI tools to boost fundraising results.

* NEW * Use our ChatGPT-powered fundraising assistant to
generate text copy for fundraising appeals and social posts.

Get Started with AI for Charities and Nonprofits


Use ChatGPT to help draft fundraising appeals, social media posts, and newsletters to keep your donors informed and engaged with your cause.

Learn strategies to write effective fundraising prompts for ChatGPT, or use our FundraiserGPT online assistant to generate ready-for-review copy.

Predictive AI

Predictive AI works by analyzing your donor data and history to predict future donations, including new donor conversion, monthly donor retention, and major donor opportunities. 

Learn how Predictive AI can increase your ROI through better-targeted appeals where donors get the best fundraising ask at the right time.

Ethical AI

Ethics in AI is a top concern for charities and nonprofits. Trust is at the heart of donor relationships and AI must not undermine that vital connection.

Get a head start with guidance on policies for responsible and ethical use of AI, including data privacy, transparency, anti-discrimination, and fairness.

AI Readiness

Get prepared for AI-powered fundraising with a readiness assessment of your staff, data, and tech resources, and an AI Strategic Path.

AI Fundraising Startup

Create a ‘First Steps/Low-hanging Fruit’ plan to start adding AI to your fundraising program and begin improving your ROI using AI.

AI Coaching & Training

Need to strengthen your internal capacities? Develop your in-house skills-building program for AI, including content production, data management, and technical capacities.

Private and no obligations. Start your AI-powered fundraising journey today.

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Are you ready to start Fundraising with AI?

Getting started with AI in fundraising doesn’t need to be intimidating. The first step is understanding your objectives and identifying the areas where AI can make a difference.

Are you looking to enhance donor targeting, improve communication strategies, or predict fundraising trends?

I’ll work with you to identify the best opportunities to get started with AI, from analyzing donor data and predicting giving patterns, to using natural language processing to personalize donor communications.

From my extensive background in fundraising strategy and innovation, I can help craft an AI strategy that makes sense, and helps your organization get up to speed.

Let’s work together to harness AI’s transformative power for your cause.