‘FASTER’ Principles for responsible use of Generative AI tools

Nonprofits and charities looking for guidance on policies for responsible use of Generative AI, like ChatGPT, can take inspiration from other public service bodies.

The Canadian government recently issued a guide on the use of Generative AI for public service employees, including the use of this framework:

To maintain public trust and ensure the responsible use of generative AI tools, federal institutions should align with the “FASTER” principles:

FASTER = Fair | Accountable | Secure | Transparent | Educated | Relevant

ensure that content from these tools does not include or amplify biases and that it complies with human rights, accessibility, and procedural and substantive fairness obligations

take responsibility for the content generated by these tools. This includes making sure it is factual, legal, ethical, and compliant with the terms of use

ensure that the infrastructure and tools are appropriate for the security classification of the information and that privacy and personal information are protected

identify content that has been produced using generative AI; notify users that they are interacting with an AI tool; document decisions and be able to provide explanations if tools are used to support decision-making

learn about the strengths, limitations and responsible use of the tools; learn how to create effective prompts and to identify potential weaknesses in the outputs

make sure the use of generative AI tools supports user and organizational needs and contributes to improved outcomes for Canadians; identify appropriate tools for the task; AI tools aren’t the best choice in every situation

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